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Virginia Donaldson: After VBS I believe there may be some more construction, IF the materials are delivered as promised. Part of the group will be splitting off to go feed the homeless, I most likely will be going with this group since concrete isn't my forte'....I have to say that Bekah and Mandy can use a mean shovel...and the girls worked just as hard as the guys. We sure could use a swimming pool though...... : ) (July 16th at 11:00 am)

Virginia Donaldson: how about a written update? Let's see..right now the kids are wrapping up the final day of VBS..yesterday they had a clown come in (of which Mandy is terrified of) as well as the firemen. Last night we went to McD's..then chilled ( not literally) at the dorms. we did this as a unanimous decision to forgo the tour of Old San Juan due to Kaity's ankle. (she is much better crutches, and I just saw her dancing) (July 16th at 10:28 am)

Jason Harris: Everyone was pretty much in bed by 1030 last night...hopefully that allowed for all to get a good night rest - I know I did. (July 16th at 8:19 am)


Jason Harris: Today's possible schedule is Bible Camp, making and pouring concret....hopefully it won't get pushed to tomorrow. At least today we got the stuff so we should. (July 15th at 8:37 am)

Jason Harris: The project got pushed again until tomorrow so we cleaned a closet (the one we rebuilt) Leon got attacked by cockroach that had been on steroids since birth. We organized the closet, some painted about 100 pumkins for a giveaway, the rest of went through about 50 boxes of old, roach infested clothes to organize. All the clothes are for giveaway to the homeless on Wed... Were headed back to the dorm now to get ready for the service now...(July 15th at 4:43 pm)

Virginia Donaldson: the Firemen let loose on a very hot day, while Kaity rests in a very cool room! (July 15th at 12:20 pm)


Virginia Donaldson: Project Year #3...on tomorrows agenda....the small patio area has been de~constructed, and tomorrow some of the team will dig this (partially) out to make room for the new to come! (July 14th at 1:53 pm)

Virginia Donaldson: sorry for the delay folks...probs with the laptop..satan loses..God coming soon! (July 14th at 11:11 am)

Jason Harris: My bad..the groups went to McDonalds to get a tour of it and hang there for a little while and no food..I guess I'm getting some bad translation..not from Jared (July 14th at 11:01 am)

Jason Harris: Our group is spilt today...Jeff, Bekah, Summ,Jenny went their groups to work at McDonalds with a program that the church has in helping kids work in the community..I also think it helps the kids to work a little at a job and they all get paid with lunch for their work. The rest of us are at the church - played a new game that took forever, Olivia just got with their lesson and now their working on their craft...(July 14th at 10:29 am)

Virginia Donaldson: it's been a Hard Rock Night....All the little Verbies are tucked in tight! (July 14th at 12:11 am)


Jason Harris: Sitting and waiting for our ride to Hard Rock... (July 13th at 7:12 pm)

Jason Harris: If you ever think Walmart is bad in Maryland you should come to the one I just went to - it was redonkulis...idk if that's how you spill that (July 13th at 4:12 pm)

Jason Harris: Well day 1 Bible camp is over and worked the curve balls very well...over all great 1st day. Fixing to load up and back to the dorms...hope for pics later (July 13th at 3:08 pm)

Virginia Donaldson: Yes! we are here...sending a few pics of the kids on the first day of VBS, look for them ! It is Hot Hot Hot..muggy kinda hot. But we are all here and we hit the ground running! either myself or Jason will post when possible....(July 13th at 10:02 am)


Jason Harris: Well we are finally here and even though we are late - we have made better time this trip then any other Thank You Jesus... (July 12th at 11:42 pm)

Jason Harris: Just boarded our plane in Miami to San Juan...hopefully u won't here from me again until 1130pm (July 12th at 8:57 pm)

Jason Harris: Well we are here in Miami eating dinner in the airport and just found out our flight is already a 1/2 late....not really all that shocked with this news (July 12th at 7:27 pm)

Jason Harris: Well we are in Miami now...hopefully our next flight is not delayed...(July 12th at 6:37 pm)

Jason Harris: Sike...we got delayed on the tarmac - don't know how long. 3 times in a row (July 12th at 3:35 pm)

Jason Harris: Everyone is counted for and were boarding the plane....on time so far. See u in a few hours (July 12th at 2:53 pm)

Jason Harris: Heading into office to finish everything needed for PR and then we leave at 1pm (July 12th at 6:41 am)

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