Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weight Room Ettiquite

On Saturday I was in the weight room doing my work out and I was on my last set. When a guy that had been there the whole time I was doing his cardio came over and took the bars off the machine I was using and moved them to a new machine without asking me. There's a big sign on the wall when you walk into the weight room that goes over the rules and one of the rules is that you allow people to work out on the same machine as you in between your sets. I was and always be willing to do that. But theres a thing called Weight Room Ettiquite and maybe I am the only one that is aware of it because this has happened more than once. WRE stats that you don't jump in between someone sets without asking (even though there's big rule book plastered to the wall, you still ask) and you defiantly don't take the weights off the bars that make the machine work and move them to a new machine which completely takes it way from the person still using it. As you can tell I am still upset a little bit over this. But I will be ok? Tell me what you think? Am I acting out or am I correct in my thinking of the WRE rules?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SOX Clinch

My boys clinched a playoff spot last night and in doing so eliminated the Yaks. Yeah....World Series here we come..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Got to Love it!!

I love this time a year that's coming up!! The changing from summer to Fall then fall to winter. I love it. Some people always find it weird that a guy from Fl loves the fall and winter and I always explain to them that I love this time of year because im a big guy and a sweet a lot and when it's cool or cold outside I don't sweet as much. But that's not the only reason why I love the fall and winter, i just love the feeling on being able to wear jackets and hats and drink hot coffee outside and sit by a fire, being in the woods with all the leaves on the ground. I just love this time of year!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Well Tessie is here!!!!

Here she is; my beautiful Tessie Leigh Harris. She entered this world last Tuesday at 6:47 am and weighed in at 7 lbs and 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. It's been a long week so far, but a great one and would not trade it for any other week. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts over the past couple of weeks for the safe arrival of her. thanks a lot. More pics to come. Today will be here first bath since we came home!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Twitter - What's that?

Twitter is this new thing. It's where I post just random things about my day (what I'm doing, where I am at) and I send it to my twitter page and you can log on and follow me throughout my day or you can get it sent to your phone through text. So come and find me and sign up so I can see what your up to also. Here's my link:

Top 5 things of my summer

Every summer there's always great things that happen and for me to tell it all would take me all day. So I will summarize it in 2 sections the top 5 things of my summer outside of ministry and the top 5 things dealing with ministry over the summer.

6. (Yea I know I said 5, but I got another one) Moving - We had to move due tot he fact that we are having a baby and the place we were living does not allow anyone under the age of 21 to live there. So we had to move. So how it made into my top things of the summer was that we moved to a better area, we moved onto the 1st floor, it's cheaper, and it has a pool. SO that's how. - But I hated the move!!!

5. Tyner's Wedding - One of my best and long time friends that I grew up with and lived with in college got married this past summer in Jackson Miss. It was such a great time and with all my friends that I grew up with all in ministry in different states it's hard to get together, so this made it even better that we were all able to hang out. Check out some of his photos at :

4. Boston Red Sox Tickets - Cy and Mitch got great tickets to the O's Red Sox game a couple of months back. Great tickets is a understatement, we had seats on the field - I could see the sweat on the players and hear there conversations. Dustin Perdio hit a lady with a foul ball and she had to be taken away and he came over and talked me about her and what happen. It was a great game and the Red Sox won - of coarse!! Thanks Harris's

3. 4 Years Anniversary - On July 24 Brittany and I celebrated on 4 years anniversary - we have known each other are whole life and when she was 15 I told her she was going to be my bride (and she laughed) but I had a connection with the big guy upstairs and that let me in on that little secrete that took about another 4 - 6 years to unfold. But it happen on July 24, 2004.

2. Mini Vacation with the wife. - We celebrated are anniversary by going away for the weekend to the beach. It was great time to get away and celebrate a great marriage and great woman (My wife as she carries our child)

1. Having a Girl (Tessie Leigh Harris, going to be here on Friday)- I know the summer is over - but we being thinking, planning, praying, getting nervous and celebrating the fact that we have a baby on the way. It was shock when we found out in late January but I think we are ready.

Top 5 Ministry things of the Summer
5. Beaver Dam - I loved that we were able to find this new place called Beaver Dam in N. Baltimore. It's this little man made lake with swings. I took the student leaders up there for the day a couple weeks back to check it out for Great Escape next summer and to do some planning with the SL. It was great time!!

4. Intern - This was our first year doing this but we had out 1st intern at VERB. Brittany and I went down to Lee back in Oct and taught a few classes and done some advertising for our summer intern program. We had one student Johnnie Ramos come and hang out with us for the summer. He worked in the office, preached, led small groups, taught a few classes and went on a mission trip. Johnnie was great over the summer and hopefully we can do it again next summer with some new interns.

3. 12hr Blitz - for the 2nd time in a row we had an event called 12 hr blitz. It's an outreach event for VERB and we ending up having around 45 students (i think). It's like a lock in - but we plan events throughout the entire night some at the church, some away from the church. Even though some of plans got canceled due to rain. It was still a great event. Students really look forward to this event and next year we will just plan for rain.

2. Puerto Rico Mission Trip - This summer's mission trip was great. I took a team to of 18 to PR. We held a Bible camp for the kids in the community and we had around 80 kids there and we painted the entire church and fence that covers it. The students did an amazing job. I got to preach to around 75 to 100 non-English speaking PR people with a translator (that was fun...... really it was). Great work - Can't wait until next year.

1. Heritage Community Church - as a church we adopted the church PR that the students have been working with the past 2 years and as a church body we were able to bring Pastor Diego and his family to our church on Aug 10 and present him with check to pay off the entire mortgage of the church. Pastor Diego has been the Pastor of that church for around 17 years and has never received a check for it. He works a second job for his income and helps with that income to pay the church mortgage. So it was a huge blessing to be apart of a great church that could such a great and wonderful job this summer.

One last thing that was great about the summer was the Leaders Retreat. It was so much fun to get away with the VERB leaders for the weekend and have fun and do some planing. I was looking forward to all summer and when it was over I begin looking forward to it againnext year. It's going be a great again next summer.

This summer was the fastest summer I think I ever had in my entire life. But hands down it has been one of the best. It's up there with the summer I got married and traveled to Europe for 3 weeks. my summer was so packed that there's no way I can tell you everything (you would fall asleep) So i hope this was better.