Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday updates...coming home today!

Jason Harris Flight is on time so far (July 20th at 4:00 pm)

Jason Harris Oh and Cameron is ok after a few shots and test and they are with us heading to the airport... (July 20 at 2:20 pm)

Jason Harris Everyone is accounted for and we are pulling out for the airport at this moment...(July 20 at 2:00 pm)

Jason Harris Well it would be this trip..souvenir shopping got cut short because Cameron got bit by something (doc says an ant bite) that has cause a bad reaction and had to be taken to the hospital for test, we just left there, him and his mom are there now waiting for test results. Keep them in ur prayers - rest of us are going back to the church to eat lunch and wait for them and then off to the airport. Bekah got sick also this morning and nit feeling well so keep her in ur prayers. (July 20th at 12:30 pm)

Jason Harris Up and almost packed and about to do last devotions and then souvenir shopping (July 20th at 9:00 am)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Sunday updates...

Virginia Donaldson We are on the final leg of our journey...not an ending, just a continuation of the story. Everyone wants to be home but doesn't want to leave. We all know that feeling. Incredible things are happening at this small church, they are having blessings heaped upon them. And they are grateful for everyone of them. As we are grateful to those who opened their arms, and their hearts, to us each and every day. We are loved. (July 19th at 11:35 pm)

Jason Harris Were slowly getting ready for dinner - we had a great church service with our students leading worship and giving testimonies with 3 people giving their lives to the Lord this was such a great in service which concluded with Communion and them giving us a PR bag with goodies in it. Then a big lunch with the church (July 19th at 5:45 pm)

Saying Goodbye...

Sunday morning...saying goodbye to the kids.

Sunday updates...

Virginia Donaldson Okay, our team did their first musical stint this morning..Jeff & Sam on guitar, Cameron on bass, Kaity on keyboard, Summerly, Bekah Mandy & Olivia on vocals. I felt like a proud parent! I personally think they did a great job for a first time together and little practice, but I won't post it here until I have a chance to ask them how they feel about that.... (July 19th at 12:43 pm)

Jason Harris Everyone is dressed and ready for church this morning...should be picked up any minute. (July 19th at 8:45 am)

Virginia Donaldson Buenas Dias! ...We are off to a much anticipated breakfast and church service..then Party! Since I will be at the church, I will be back on track with the will see all as it is happening. Your verbies will be returning to you tomorrow night!.. there will be alot of tears (already starting) at the thought of leaving these little kids..... (July 19th at 7:45 am)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Updates...

Virginia Donaldson Finally, some internet access and Time to update! All is well...great day @ conference w/4 small churches, children performing.. then off to kayaking and snorkeling...good time had by all. Tomorrow is church, after which is a big party ( Christmas in July) they are throwing for us. Still HOT, some rain nothing major. trying to upload pics, will do my best.... (July 18th at 11:05 pm)

Jason Harris Just got done eating Chinese (yea I know) and now heading back to our dorms for the night. 2 nights left in PR (July 18th at 8:00 pm)

Jason Harris Done snorkeling and everyone survived - no injuries. Now just getting changed and about to head to dinner. (July 18th at 6:42 pm)

Jason Harris Were all stuffed, loaded in the van making are way to our snorkling location.... (July 18th at 1:35 pm)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Updates...

Jason Harris Went to Wendy's for dinner and now been driving around and getting in and out of the van as we tour Old San Juan (July 17th at 11:27 pm)

Jason Harris Spent the day at the beach, some of us being jungle jims for the kids. Most of us took like a 2 1/2 hr nap and now were getting ready to go to Old San Juan (July 17th at 6:53 pm)

Jason Harris Eating breakfast and waiting for the kids to get to head to the beach... (July 17th at 9:00 am)

Virginia Donaldson okay's almost 1am and the little chickies are just settling down...the food party in Olivia and Summerly's room is winding down...the giggling is beginning to slow..and apparently the guys are all out of it! Tomorrow's plan is to take all the little ones to the beach...a full day.. Saturday is the day off for snorkeling. And I have to say, they deserve it. Each and every one of them. Be Proud! (July 17th at 1:00 am)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodnite Thursday

Jason Harris Well another good night finished...everyone is making ther way to bed so we can get up early and take a bunch of kids to the beach... (July 17th at 12:08 am)

More Pictures...

From the Thursday Night Service...

Pastor Jason in the back...

From Left to Right: Leon, Cameron (2nd row) Sam, Bekah, Mandy and Jeff, (Front Row) Summerly and Olivia.

Jared leading worship, the kids love it!

From Left to Right: Kaity and Jenn

A Puerto Rican plate...chicken (pollo) rice (arroz) salad (ensalada) and beans (garbanzos)

Thursday evening updates...

Virginia Donaldson We are now in the Thursday night service....a little change-up though...Jason is working with the adult leaders upstairs, and our team is working with the children in the sanctuary. We made a pitstop at Walmart today for more bottled water..A MUST-HAVE. We all had on our pink T-shirts, and we ran into some of the children from VBS there in their purple T-shirts, they were so tickled to see us! (July 16th at 8:57 pm)


From all the children at VBS in Puerto Rico and our Student Team from VERB!!!

More Thursday Updates...

Jason Harris So they just had a huge 55 can silly string fight which turned out comes the crazy task of peeling it off the concrete. Should be loads of fun. (July 16th at 2:15 pm)

Virginia Donaldson Well, there's no hoses in the back parking lot, and silly string does melt....hmmm, where's the fire department when you need them.....??? LOL (July 16th at 1:15 pm)


Virginia Donaldson: as always, things here are subject to change. Jason grabbed half the crew to go feed the homeless while the rest stayed behind to TRY and control some very restless, unruly children. But as always, there is a plan B. They go outside to burn off some energy and then we'll be blasting them with silly string...does anybody know if that stuff melts? I can't imagine what clean-up will be like... (July 16th at 12:00 pm)

More pictures...

Relaxing on the Cabanna...

Thursday Morning Classes at VBS... far

Virginia Donaldson: After VBS I believe there may be some more construction, IF the materials are delivered as promised. Part of the group will be splitting off to go feed the homeless, I most likely will be going with this group since concrete isn't my forte'....I have to say that Bekah and Mandy can use a mean shovel...and the girls worked just as hard as the guys. We sure could use a swimming pool though...... : ) (July 16th at 11:00 am)

Virginia Donaldson: how about a written update? Let's see..right now the kids are wrapping up the final day of VBS..yesterday they had a clown come in (of which Mandy is terrified of) as well as the firemen. Last night we went to McD's..then chilled ( not literally) at the dorms. we did this as a unanimous decision to forgo the tour of Old San Juan due to Kaity's ankle. (she is much better crutches, and I just saw her dancing) (July 16th at 10:28 am)

Jason Harris: Everyone was pretty much in bed by 1030 last night...hopefully that allowed for all to get a good night rest - I know I did. (July 16th at 8:19 am)


Jason Harris: Today's possible schedule is Bible Camp, making and pouring concret....hopefully it won't get pushed to tomorrow. At least today we got the stuff so we should. (July 15th at 8:37 am)

Jason Harris: The project got pushed again until tomorrow so we cleaned a closet (the one we rebuilt) Leon got attacked by cockroach that had been on steroids since birth. We organized the closet, some painted about 100 pumkins for a giveaway, the rest of went through about 50 boxes of old, roach infested clothes to organize. All the clothes are for giveaway to the homeless on Wed... Were headed back to the dorm now to get ready for the service now...(July 15th at 4:43 pm)

Virginia Donaldson: the Firemen let loose on a very hot day, while Kaity rests in a very cool room! (July 15th at 12:20 pm)


Virginia Donaldson: Project Year #3...on tomorrows agenda....the small patio area has been de~constructed, and tomorrow some of the team will dig this (partially) out to make room for the new to come! (July 14th at 1:53 pm)

Virginia Donaldson: sorry for the delay folks...probs with the laptop..satan loses..God coming soon! (July 14th at 11:11 am)

Jason Harris: My bad..the groups went to McDonalds to get a tour of it and hang there for a little while and no food..I guess I'm getting some bad translation..not from Jared (July 14th at 11:01 am)

Jason Harris: Our group is spilt today...Jeff, Bekah, Summ,Jenny went their groups to work at McDonalds with a program that the church has in helping kids work in the community..I also think it helps the kids to work a little at a job and they all get paid with lunch for their work. The rest of us are at the church - played a new game that took forever, Olivia just got with their lesson and now their working on their craft...(July 14th at 10:29 am)

Virginia Donaldson: it's been a Hard Rock Night....All the little Verbies are tucked in tight! (July 14th at 12:11 am)


Jason Harris: Sitting and waiting for our ride to Hard Rock... (July 13th at 7:12 pm)

Jason Harris: If you ever think Walmart is bad in Maryland you should come to the one I just went to - it was redonkulis...idk if that's how you spill that (July 13th at 4:12 pm)

Jason Harris: Well day 1 Bible camp is over and worked the curve balls very well...over all great 1st day. Fixing to load up and back to the dorms...hope for pics later (July 13th at 3:08 pm)

Virginia Donaldson: Yes! we are here...sending a few pics of the kids on the first day of VBS, look for them ! It is Hot Hot Hot..muggy kinda hot. But we are all here and we hit the ground running! either myself or Jason will post when possible....(July 13th at 10:02 am)


Jason Harris: Well we are finally here and even though we are late - we have made better time this trip then any other Thank You Jesus... (July 12th at 11:42 pm)

Jason Harris: Just boarded our plane in Miami to San Juan...hopefully u won't here from me again until 1130pm (July 12th at 8:57 pm)

Jason Harris: Well we are here in Miami eating dinner in the airport and just found out our flight is already a 1/2 late....not really all that shocked with this news (July 12th at 7:27 pm)

Jason Harris: Well we are in Miami now...hopefully our next flight is not delayed...(July 12th at 6:37 pm)

Jason Harris: Sike...we got delayed on the tarmac - don't know how long. 3 times in a row (July 12th at 3:35 pm)

Jason Harris: Everyone is counted for and were boarding the plane....on time so far. See u in a few hours (July 12th at 2:53 pm)

Jason Harris: Heading into office to finish everything needed for PR and then we leave at 1pm (July 12th at 6:41 am)

Slideshow - Mid Week

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Pictures - Mid Week Video

April writing...

Hey all, glad you dropped by to check in on the VERB Students on their Missions Trip to Puerto Rico! I am sure they would love to hear your comments so be sure to leave a comment and let them know you dropped by!! We will update this site throughout each day to keep their church family at home aware of the good they are doing in PR!

This video was made to show the VERB Students at home what their fellow students were out of the country doing!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Puerto Rico Mission's Team

This year we are taking a team of 13 to PR and we wanted to post a profile of each participate. So in no particular order:

Name: Jenny Graham
School and Grade: Meade Senior High
Favorite Food: Pasta
How do you spend your free time: Hanging out with friends
Why are you excited for this trip: To teach the children and bond with them

Name: Samuel Arvaneh
Nickname: Sam
School and Grade: AACS 11th
Favorite Food: filet Mignon
How do you spend your free time: sleeping, reading, football, and eating

Name: Gini Donaldson
School and Grade: Grad...1978
Favorite Food: Steak
How do you spend free time: Volunteer
Why are you excited for this trip: because God has built a strong bond between myself and these people
Name: Rebekah Sharpe
Nickname: Bekah
School and Grade: Graduated
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
How do you spend your free time: Chillin out max and relaxing all cool
Why are you excited for this trip: to go one last time - one last hooray
Name:Olivia Hall
Nickname: Miss Awesome
School and Grade: AACS 11th
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken
How do you spend your free time: Being awesome. Playing soccer. Surfing. Hanging out with friends
Why are you excited for this trip: Seeing all the kids I meet the first year
Name: Kaitlyn Lindsey
Nickname: Kaity
School and Grade: Home school, 10th Grade
Favorite Food: Fruit
How do you spend your free time: Playing guitar and Piano, art, doing sports, and hanging out with friends
Why are you excited for this trip: Because I love to work with kids and working in the mission fields
Name: Summerly Lunz
Nickname: I am so Funny
School and Grade: Freshman at Lee University
Favorite Food: Mashed Potato's and Sushi
How do you spend your free time: I spend time being funny and going on adventures
Why are you excited for this trip: I have been the last 2 years and I have made relationships with people there and I can't wait to see them again
Name: Cameron Donaldson
School and Grade: Old Mill 11th
Favorite Food: Pizza
How do you spend your free time: with friends and working on the computer
Why are you excited for this trip: because I had a great time the last 2 years
Name: Leon P. Riley IIV
Nickname: Big Lee
School and Grade: High School Graduate
Favorite Food: Pizza
How do you spend your free time: I google Jesus, Read my Bible, Love on Jesus and others and listen to Christian Rap and Metal core
Why are you excited for this trip: because it's a great opportunity to serve God outside of my comfort zone and grow
Name: Jared Mata
Nick Name: The Big Boss!
School and Grade: Incomplete
Favorite Food: Lasagna
How do you spend your free time: Playing Piano, Guitar, Singing, Giving
Why are you excited for this trip: Get out of Maryland and giving God my all

Name: Miranda Odachowski
Nickname: Mandy
School and Grade: Graduate
Favorite Food: Sloppy Joe
How do you spend your free time: Reading and spending it with people like friends
Why are you excited for this trip: it's my first time and I love children. I'm also teaching so that's exciting.

Name: Jeffery Giles
School and Grade: 11 at NCHS
Favorite Food: Grandma's Spaghetti
How do you spend your free time: Play guitar, Bike, Hang out with people
Why are you excited for this trip: To see the changes that have been made at the church

It's been crazy

I can't believe it's been this long since I blogged - but enough on the slacking. Summer has been great and VERB just got done with 7 Squared and were getting ready for our Mission Trip to PR. We leave in 5 days and I'm so excited about this trip. The next blog to be posted in just a few minutes will have a profile on the team so don't go to far from the site....