Friday, June 13, 2008

Naming a child

I thought naming a child was going to be easy. But it ain't even close to being easy at all! You have so many things to consider when naming a child: will they be made fun of, does it sound good, does it flow with the middle and last name well, do I like it, does my wife like it, do my parents like it, do her parents like it, do I go with a Biblical or a favorite or family name, does it sound good when I yell it, will it have a good nickname, will it be a name she likes when she is older, is it easy to remember, is it too common or never heard of!! All these things you must consider when naming a child and Brittany and I have and we have been testing a name all week with my family to see if we like it and kind of answer all those questions and I think we have a winner, It's not set in stone yet, but we really like it (Tessie Leigh Harris) What do you think? Be honest with me, this is my baby your talking about!!


Vacation is always a great time to get away, relax, and come back charged and ready to go again for the rest of the year! I find myself at the end of my vacation ready to get back because I am excited about the rest of this summer and fall. We have some really great ideas and sermon series and changes in the Student Ministries that I am really looking forward too and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the upcoming months!!!

I know, I know

I need to blog, but a lot has happen in the last month! Summer schedule, moving, vacation, Rock Your Socks Off, Great Escape, Tyner's Wedding, PR mission trip, oh yea and a Baby on the way!! It's been crazy, before summer hit I was looking forward to summer but now I'm like "I can't wait until fall" - Just kidding!! I am looking forward to the rest of the summer! This week has been great, being able to hang out with my family and kinda of relax on the beach all week. I am 2 shades darker and feeling great about the rest of the summer!