Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday updates...

Virginia Donaldson Okay, our team did their first musical stint this morning..Jeff & Sam on guitar, Cameron on bass, Kaity on keyboard, Summerly, Bekah Mandy & Olivia on vocals. I felt like a proud parent! I personally think they did a great job for a first time together and little practice, but I won't post it here until I have a chance to ask them how they feel about that.... (July 19th at 12:43 pm)

Jason Harris Everyone is dressed and ready for church this morning...should be picked up any minute. (July 19th at 8:45 am)

Virginia Donaldson Buenas Dias! ...We are off to a much anticipated breakfast and church service..then Party! Since I will be at the church, I will be back on track with the will see all as it is happening. Your verbies will be returning to you tomorrow night!.. there will be alot of tears (already starting) at the thought of leaving these little kids..... (July 19th at 7:45 am)

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John said...

What is the address of the church???