Thursday, March 5, 2009

Questions about Heaven asked by students from VERB

2nd question "Where is Heaven"

The best answer I think I can give you is "Up". I realize that seems easy and generic, but look at what the Bible says. Psalm 123, “Lord, I look up to You, up to heaven where You rule.” Even Jesus, who was in heaven before He came to earth, took the five loaves and the two fish in Mark 6 and He looked up toward heaven and asked God’s blessing on the food.

Heaven is not up in the sense that it’s out there somewhere beyond the clouds. I don't think that's what that verse is meaning. I think “Up” means like higher than anything we can experience. “Up” means beyond anything that we can imagine. “Up” possibly means above the issues and the problems and the pain of this world. I think this idea of Heaven being "Up" is bigger then we can imagine and comprehend - but I do believe Heaven is "Up", but where "Up" is I don't know!!