Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Updates...

Virginia Donaldson Finally, some internet access and Time to update! All is well...great day @ conference w/4 small churches, children performing.. then off to kayaking and snorkeling...good time had by all. Tomorrow is church, after which is a big party ( Christmas in July) they are throwing for us. Still HOT, some rain nothing major. trying to upload pics, will do my best.... (July 18th at 11:05 pm)

Jason Harris Just got done eating Chinese (yea I know) and now heading back to our dorms for the night. 2 nights left in PR (July 18th at 8:00 pm)

Jason Harris Done snorkeling and everyone survived - no injuries. Now just getting changed and about to head to dinner. (July 18th at 6:42 pm)

Jason Harris Were all stuffed, loaded in the van making are way to our snorkling location.... (July 18th at 1:35 pm)

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