Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeling like a traitor

We have been on vacation now for 2 weeks down in Fl. We spent the 1st week or so at my parents for Christmas and this last week in Jacksonville, Fl with Brittany's mom - step dad, and step sister. My side of family are huge Gator fans - her side Fl. State fans, her step dad graduated from there and her step sister is a junior at Fl. State right now and so for the past week I have been wearing gator shirts and what not to support my team - but every car at this house has Fl. State on it and so ever place I have driven I had to drive a Fl. State car - so I've been feeling like a traitor a little bit.
But I think Brittany is trading sides, she grew up liking Fl. State - not because she likes the team or thought they were good, she liked them because of a boy in are youth group liked them and now that she is married to a Gator and that's all she hears about (even wears my gator stuff) i think she may be slowly becoming a gator fan - only time will tell.
I'm hoping so, because her side of the family found what they call (cute) i call hideous Fl. State clothes for Tessie and I don't want my daughter wearing that stuff, so if I can win Brittany over to the Blue and Orange and away from Garnet and Gold - then I will have a better chance of never seeing her in those clothes....


April E. :) said...

too funny...what you men find important compared to us women. heehee :)


Brittany said...

We shall see about all this.