Monday, October 10, 2011

Facebook without ceasing

Have you ever read this passage before: "Never stop praying." 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and thought "There is no way that can happen". I know I have before and felt as if it was an impossible task.

The other day I noticed that I kept looking at my phone and refreshing my facebook page and realized with office computer, home computer, phone, Ipod that I am always connected to facebook. Always connected to my 500 something friends (I know I should downsize). Probably the longest I go without checking facebook is while I am sleeping (I know, another thing I should downsize).

But it got me thinking about this 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and our students at VERB. We have taught on this passage before and taught that prayer is not about always having to be in a quiet place, you don't have to be kneeling down, you don't have to close your eyes. Prayer could happen anywhere (just like facebook can happen anywhere). Yes, there are times....many times; daily even, that we should slow down, be quiet, kneel, close our eyes.

I don't know if Paul, the writer of 1 Thessalonians is implying that never stop praying means to always be in your prayer closet or always on your knee with your eyes closed. I believe that he was telling us to have more of the facebook style of prayer; that you are always connected to God, your never too far from Him in your thoughts or words. You are always hitting the refresh button making sure you and God are up to date on everything.

Never Stop Praying becomes attainable when we are checking into God as you would be checking up on a friend.

Paul is not trying to make our life harder, but easier. If you go a couple of hours or a couple of days not connecting on facebook and you log in and want to read all that you missed it will take some time (or if you’re like me, you give up). But if your always connected like I know most of us are it only takes a few minutes. The same is true with Paul's thinking, if you never stop praying it’s easier to stay up to date and connected to Him. And not feel like you have to play catch up and often feel like you want to give up.

So today, every time you check facebook first say a little something to God and check in with Him and see how your life might change throughout the day.

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