Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5th Quarter

Were hosting an event on Oct 14 called 5th Quarter, basically a blow out party. It's intention is to get students to come out after the football games on Friday night and hang out at VERB. It will start at 9pm and go until midnight. Were going to have Chick-fil-a, a band, a massive bonfire and games. Cost is $15 for the night. Tickets are on sell now for the event.

Here's the catch if you buy you tickets by Oct 12 you will be registered for a $50 gift card to iTunes. So if you wanted to you could buy your ticket and all of your friends tickets for them (then collect the money from them later) and you be registered to win the card for all those tickets. Our hope is to have a ton of students come out and get as many tickets sold early as possible.

Get in before it's too late....

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