Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Small groups...DONT MISS IT.

We started small groups last week and if you missed out no worries; there's still time! Heck, we never stop accepting students into small groups! Last week we allowed small group leaders and students to get to know one another and catch up on summer events and how school was going so far.

After this week there will be a change in how were doing things. Last Wednesday and this Wednesday all small group leaders will be there at 6 to meet all students and parents. Whether it's this week or a month from now if your wanting your child to join small group you as the parent will need to meet the small group leader and fill out a little paperwork. It's important to us that parents and leaders know each other and have good communication. So the only thing that will change is the fact that the leader may not get there until 6:15, 6:30, so you may miss them. Take advantage of this perfect time to meet them!

Another feature were adding to small groups this year is an email that will be sent to you from the small group leader about the weeks topic. Here's this week's email:

Dear parents,

This week we started a four-week series called "God's Big Story." This series will provide teenagers with a big-picture view of God's story, with the goal of giving students a healthy understanding of what the Bible is about and how it applies to their lives.

In this first week, we looked at Genesis 1-2 and examined the picture of how God created the world. The world is broken, but God didn't create it that way. He created a world that was truly "good." It's important for our teenagers-and for adults-to remember how God meant things to be. We live in a world filled with pain and difficulties, but God designed a world that was good.

Each week in our series, we're giving students two key words to help them remember the big idea. This week our key words were CREATION and GOOD. Simply put, God created the world, and it was good.

Here are some questions you might use this week to engage your teenager in some conversation about this week's lesson:

•What main idea stuck with you from your small group meeting this week, and why?
•What is one way that you see God reflected in your own life?
•If all of humanity is created in God's image, how might this affect or shape the way you treat other people?

Thanks for your trust as you allow your child to be a part of our ministry!

If you are not signed up yet with your child's small group leader and you would like to. Email me at Jason.harris@heritagecc.net and I will make sure that you are.

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