Thursday, September 1, 2011 Yea!

I'm sure we all have been emotional, physically, intellectually, romantically hurt before in one or all of these areas.

I remember as a 3rd baseman in middle school my coach trying to teach me a lesson about moving away from the bag when the ball was hit and he was wanting me to lean into the bag. So he was standing about 10 feet in front me hit balls with a bat as hard as possible at me and I was having to catch the ball and I was doing good until one of balls the coach hit at me, hit me! The ball hit me square in the forehead and left the imprints of the stitching of the ball in my head for a couple of days. Talk about physical pain.

I remember as a high school student being in a relationship with this girl (a relationship that If I am honest I should admit that I should have never been in) but had spent a lot of time with girl only to find out that almost the whole time we were together she was also seeing someone else. I guess that's why you should never date someone from another's hard to keep tabs on that. It was a bad romantic hurt.

I'm sure I can keep going with stories... I love telling them. Most of us can agree that hurt and pain is everywhere in our past and the Bible tells us that if we're not careful with what we do with this hurt, it can cause us problems in the future. The Bible gives us instruction on how to handle this and this Sunday morning were going to address hurt and unforgivess. If you can, read Matthew 18: 21-35. Hope to see you at HCC.

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