Tuesday, May 17, 2011

VERB's Newsletter

This week at VERB:

Wednesday Night:

This week we are in week 4 of our Character Study of Joesph.

Sunday Night:

We started our "I Do" series. It's our study of Sex, Dating, and Marriage. This past week we jumped into the discussion of sex - I taught the guys and Brittany taught the girls. This week we were suppose to get into dating portion and we will. But this week were going to shorten up table time, game time, and worship so that we can have more time. Were going to revisit the sex discussion because we just ran out of time and then we will flip and I will be talking to the girls about dating and Brittany will be talking the guys about dating this coming up Sunday night. Please email me if you have any questions.


May 27 - Friday night Frenzy
May 29 - VERB Afterparty

8 days of living it and Summer Calendar are be posted the website and blog this week. Be sure to either pick up or print off your copy so that you are aware of dates and payments. thank you

Also - please check out our website to stay update as well

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