Tuesday, May 31, 2011

VERB Newsletter

This week at VERB:

Wednesday night:
This week we close out our study on Joseph. The study of Joseph has been a really good one and it didn't matter if students knew everything about the story or nothing at all. There was good conversation on both sides of it.

Sunday Morning:
I don't know if we have ever talked about the 2 things we offer on Sunday morning on the blog. But every Sunday we have 2 classes that happen. The 1st class is for 5th and 6th graders we call 56 club that happens at 9am and then we have a Middle School Bible study that happens at 11am for all middle school students. Both classes are really good at engaging students in the word and allowing them to have the opportunity to be apart of something on Sunday morning instead of attending the adult service.

Sunday Night:
We have a few things going on Sunday night:

The 1st one is at 5:30 it's for parents primarily of 5th graders but it is open to all parents that want to come and check things out. This Sunday were inviting all 5th grade students up to VERB so that them and their parents will get to see what happens on a regular basis at VERB before summer hits. At 5:30 were hosting a meeting where we will be sharing everything VERB and answering any questions. Then parents and 5th graders are welcome to stay for service and then enjoy a pizza party afterwards where those students and parents will get to meet other leaders and get any other questions answered. If you have any questions about this please email me.

The 2nd thing is the start of our last series we do before summer. Were calling it "That will leave a mark" and were going to be talking about how your actions can leave positive and negative marks and how that affects you life.

Here is our Summer Calendar along with payment plan for our Busch Gardens trip:http://verb.heritage-cc.org/info/june-sept-2011-calendar-payment-schedule

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