Thursday, April 21, 2011

VERB's Newsletter

Here's this week Newsletter:

Wedensday night:
Once a year during this season I like for us to push time out on our regualr programming to particpate with some of the Easter traditions. So last night we took the time to do a foot washing ans commuion service. It was a time of teaching and a time of particapting. Students were really invovled and I'm really glad we were able to do it.

Sunday Night:
This week with it being Easter we will not be having service Sunday night.

Up Coming News and Events:
April 24: Easter - No VERB service Easter Sunday night
April 30: VERB's Murder Mystery
May 8: Battle of Sexes (game night guys vs. girls)
May 13: Man Up
May 15: I DO Sermon Series - VERB's dating, marriage, and sex series
May 27: Friday Night Frenzy

Also - please pick up from VERB the 8 days of living it calendar. Which is the calendar of dates and cost of summer events.

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