Wednesday, April 13, 2011

VERB's Newsletter

Here's this week Newsletter:

Wednesday Night:

In small groups this week we will cover our last lesson on our study of the life of Jesus. Actually 2 lessons - Jesus as Savior and Jesus as victor.

Sunday night:
In our services we will be wrapping up our series "Jesus in 3D" and it's been about looking at Jesus' death from 3 different points of view.

Week 1 was from Mary's (Jesus' Mother's) point of view. Week 2 was from the Disciple's point of view. This week we will be looking at Jesus' death from God's point of view.

Up Coming News and Events:
April 15: Movie night for VERB in game room 6pm-9pm
April 17: Afterparty 8pm - 10pm (this starts at the end of service)
April 24: Easter - No VERB service Easter Sunday night
April 30: VERB's Murder Mystery
May 8: Battle of Sexes (game night guys vs. girls)
May 13: Man Up
May 15: I DO Sermon Series - VERB's dating, marriage, and sex series
May 27: Friday Night Frenzy

Also - please pick up from VERB the 8 days of living it calendar. Which is the calendar of dates and cost of summer events. It should be on the web any day now or at the bar in the VERB Lounge.

Please check us out on the web at:

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