Monday, July 18, 2011

VERB's Newsletter

This week at VERB:

Last night we talked through part 2 of "The Exodus Project" and we took a small look at the plagues that God laid out on Egypt in the attempt for Pharaoh to let God's people the Israelites go. As we study Pharaoh and his reaction to each one of the plagues we discover that a lot of us act like Pharaoh. When God comes along and ask us to let go of ourselves so that we can truly worship Him we act stubborn and we act like were bigger then God and we can one up Him. When God ask us to give up certain things in our life to worship Him we don't, we hold on to them ever so tightly. Then finally when we do give over things to God we do it just to feel relief just like Pharaoh did each time to feel relief from the plagues only to change his mind. Much like us when we leave church or close our Bible or walk away from our prayer time we change our mind and pick up the right where we left off.

Hopefully as we discovered last night how easy it is for us to be like Pharaoh that we pick up the fact that God is right in front of us asking us everyday to let go of ourselves a little more so that we truly can worship Him freely.

VERB is taking the summer to read through the book of Exodus if you don't have a copy you can get yours here:

Hope to see you next Sunday night at 5:30 as we talk about part 3 of "The Exodus Project"


Wednesday will be a busy day for VERB. Were meeting at 7am to head up to 1st Fruits Farm to help pick some veggies and fruits for the Maryland Food bank. If your interested in going you must let me know ( by Tuesday afternoon so that i can arrange transportation for all going. Please don't just show up...let me know your coming

Then after the farm - were grabbing lunch and meeting all who wants to at the church to eat lunch and have rec time at the church. If your just coming to the rec day we should be back at the church around 1pm.

Then at 7pm we start our movie for "Summer Movies at VERB"

Coming up...pretty fast is our Busch Gardens and Water Country trip next week July 28 - 29 and if your going you need to let me know by Wed so that we can get your ticket. The cost is $100 and that covers your ticket, transportation, and lodging for that Thursday night. It does not cover food. There are still spots open for this trip but not many. Let me know if your interested.

If you have any questions please email me! Like us on our Facebook page to stay up to date with all going on:!/HCC.VERBStudentMinistries

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