Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weight Room Ettiquite

On Saturday I was in the weight room doing my work out and I was on my last set. When a guy that had been there the whole time I was doing his cardio came over and took the bars off the machine I was using and moved them to a new machine without asking me. There's a big sign on the wall when you walk into the weight room that goes over the rules and one of the rules is that you allow people to work out on the same machine as you in between your sets. I was and always be willing to do that. But theres a thing called Weight Room Ettiquite and maybe I am the only one that is aware of it because this has happened more than once. WRE stats that you don't jump in between someone sets without asking (even though there's big rule book plastered to the wall, you still ask) and you defiantly don't take the weights off the bars that make the machine work and move them to a new machine which completely takes it way from the person still using it. As you can tell I am still upset a little bit over this. But I will be ok? Tell me what you think? Am I acting out or am I correct in my thinking of the WRE rules?

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April E. :) said...

My friend...although I understand your frustration and being upset...let me tell you one statement that a friend once told me that made perfect sense and helped me to think more clearly in situations like this...

"Not all sense is common to all." So what may seem like common sense or ettiquite to you, may not be in their eyes or they may be blind to it. Hope this helps