Friday, June 13, 2008

Naming a child

I thought naming a child was going to be easy. But it ain't even close to being easy at all! You have so many things to consider when naming a child: will they be made fun of, does it sound good, does it flow with the middle and last name well, do I like it, does my wife like it, do my parents like it, do her parents like it, do I go with a Biblical or a favorite or family name, does it sound good when I yell it, will it have a good nickname, will it be a name she likes when she is older, is it easy to remember, is it too common or never heard of!! All these things you must consider when naming a child and Brittany and I have and we have been testing a name all week with my family to see if we like it and kind of answer all those questions and I think we have a winner, It's not set in stone yet, but we really like it (Tessie Leigh Harris) What do you think? Be honest with me, this is my baby your talking about!!


April E. :) said...



I really do, I think it fits you guys so well.

Anonymous said...


Jason And Brittany!


i wish i had that name!
i mean " stefanie michelle luber"
That is too plain!

lol but anyway.. i love it (: :]

Anonymous said...

^^ that was me..

-Stef Luber

ktbaxleeee said...

i think that is a wonderful name it sounds good

Regina said...

That's a fantastic name :)